A Choice

Tell us what you see, they said …
These two men. Gorgeous. Sitting on my couch.
Talented beyond compare. Both of them
Asking to be seen through my eyes.
Tell us the truth, they said.

What do you see in me?

You, I said to one …
I could look into those eyes for hours and days.
I could kiss every line of your body, every crease of your muscled limbs.
I could break my heart over your beauty, the stunning debonair of your face.
I could wrap myself around you and cling to you,
spend nights
and nights
and nights and nights with you, lose myself in you
until I shattered in your embrace.

He laughed, blushing.

And that smile, I said …
Holds secrets in its dimples I’m desperate to learn.
I want to sit on the swings with you.
I want to play in the sand with you.
I want to run and laugh under the sun until all we can do
Is collapse into one another’s arms.
And then I’d want to do it again with you.

He smiled, his eyes sweet, and said …
(in that rich, polished accent)
You’re silly.

And that voice, I said …
I could listen to it every night,
every night, over and over,
telling me tales,
speaking sweet syllables of poetic sorcery.
I could drown in the luscious sound of you
And it would be a good and joyous death.

He said, as his dimples shined …
You really are a poet.

Sexy, that one
I thought to myself.

Now you, I said to the other …
He looked down, away, thinking, perhaps,
Himself not so handsome as the first.

I gulped my bourbon while he sipped his.

You, I said to the other …
I could lay beside you night after night,
Talking, giggling, listening to all your secrets,
All your thoughts, every hope and every dream.
I could lay beside you and explore your skin
With my hands,
First with just my fingertips,
Then my palms,
Then the whole of my hands,
both of them,
each of them,
one after the other,
night after blissful, endless night.

You, I said …
I could look into your eyes
And seek out every story that made them weep,
Every glimmer that sparked each laugh.
I could touch your lips and listen to every word they’ve been afraid to speak all your life,
Until you met me.

I could hold your hand through every fearful moment
And jump with joy in every extraordinary time.

I could watch the spotlight grow over you,
ever brighter,
and stand beside you to
cherish you,
celebrate you,
support you,
encourage you through all the hard,
laugh with you to fight the pain,
hold you up through all the exhaustion and all the shame.

You, I said …
You I could spend so many of my days with,
So many of my nights with,
So much of my life with.
You, I could love.

A tear slipped past his mouth as a smile curled his lips.

You, he said …
I already do.

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