Let Me

Let me hold you, wipe your tears
and press your heart close to mine.
Let me tell you it’ll be okay
even if it’s a lie.
Let me stop this storm from comin’,
or at least shelter you.
Let me soften the swift destruction
of the only peace you knew.

If I could cry your tears for you
I’d create another ocean.
If I could scream your screams for you
I’d tear the skies wide open.
If I could shatter into enough pieces
so that you wouldn’t have to
I’d outnumber this planet’s grains of sand;
the stars in the sky, too.

Let me mend your heartbreak,
be the haven where you rest.
Let me spend my life rebuilding
your broken, shattered nest.
If I can’t do any of those things,
or you think I can’t understand,
At least let me sit by your side
and gently hold your hand.

What do you think?

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