Remember, Woman

Remember, Woman, you were born
++life giver, miracle creator, magic maker.

You were born with the heart of a thousand mothers,
++open and fearless and sweet.
You were born with the fire of Queens & conquerors,
++warrioress blood you bleed.
You were born with the wisdom of sages & shamans,
++no wound can you not heal.
You were born the teller of your own tale,
++before none should you kneel.
You were born with an immeasurable soul
++reaching out past infinity.
You were born to desire with passion, abandon,
++and to name your own destiny.

Remember, Woman, remember
++you are more than you can see.
Remember, Woman, remember
++you are loved endlessly.

Remember, Woman, your power and grace,
++the depth of your deep sea heart.
Never forget you are Woman, divine,
++as you have been from the start.


16 thoughts on “Remember, Woman

  1. This poem is brilliant, I absolutely love it. I have to say I enjoy most of your poetry but this particularly resonates. I hope you don’t mind if I share it at a yoga retreat for women.
    Kate x

  2. Hi Mrs. Leyva,
    i wanted to use your poem for a English project i am doing and wanted to know your reasoning behind making this poem. Along with that, another question I had was, do you have any personal feelings toward the topic of women rights in particular?

      1. Hello Mrs. Levya,
        I must say I absolutely love this poem! This definitely reminds me of all the powerful women in my life. Similar to Selena, I am also doing an English project on a poem analysis of “Remember, Woman.” I have a couple of questions that I would love to discuss with you directly. I look forward to your insight. Thank you,
        Rhea Shah

  3. absolute empowered me! thank you for bringing such a positive vibe to the poem. whatever inspires you to make this…bless her/him! love from jakarta raya.

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