Mothering a Goddess

I will not tell her stories
of women’s evil manipulations
and devious deceptions upon the world.

I will not police her body or clothing
and teach her to needlessly manage
the behaviors of “helpless, unassuming” men.

I will not tell her she
should be a lawyer
should be a doctor
should be a housewife
should be a mother.

I will not teach her to
should her life away.

My voice is only to
encourage her
to use her own.

My guidance is only
meant to help her
hear her own.

My strong opinions will
challenge her to
forge her own.

My love will
llght the way
to her own.

To the One heart. To her deepest truths.

This is mothering a Goddess.

This is raising a Priestess of Divine Love
in this world.

This is my mothering.


What do you think?

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