Mothering A Pinay

When she is older
I will speak to her
of beauty,
that fat is not a slur
but a necessity,

When she is older
I will explain
melanin diversity,
amber and tawny,
copper, rosy, onyx,
and calla lily.

When she is older
I will gift to her
the shade of the coconut trees,
the salt of the Sulu Sea,
her ancestors’

When she is older
she will know
the islands
where her blood was born
and where her vast and fearless
heart calls home.

One thought on “Mothering A Pinay

  1. Hello Resse i am in love with your poem “Remember Woman”. I am in 7th grade and i will be doing a poetry share tomorrow about your poem, but i need to know some more about you. I hope i could be able to reach out to you to get information from you about my poetry share. Please read this and get back to me as soon as you can. Thank you very much!

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